Porting Ubiquity

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We are using Ubiquity version 2.21.37 which is packaged on Launchpad for Ubuntu Wily having linux Kernel version 4.2

Ubiquity 2.21.37 source -> [1]

Here is what an Initial dpkg-buildpackage throws. [https://paste.hamaralinux.org/?016729271fe642be#yYrX9UizdAM66dyA5js4X0eYYgDA/4+nBc47Fm4OrIk= ]

ubiquity dependencies which are not in debian





Apart from xkb-data-i18n all other dependencies can be directly pulled from Ubuntu Wily's sources.

After resolving the other dependencies, the final conflicting package is xkb-data-i18n. more details [https://paste.hamaralinux.org/?08a378364addb0a6#ss1/L/FPZbPIVJuE1NnfFxKYMI1+W1cjD38te5+WIZw= ]

xkb-data-i18n conflicts with package xkb-data in debian.

Building Ubiquity

We can build the package of ubiquity from sources even if it is conplaining for xkb-data-i18n by providing a -d parameter to dpkg-buildpackage

building Ubiquity by providing the -d package gives the following output. [2]

Porting Ubiquity.jpeg