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Here is the list of all websites related to hamara.

1. Hamara Linux Main website

  This is the home of Hamara Linux 


2. Hamara Blogs

  All the latest buzz around hamara can be read here.

Hamara Blog

3. Hamara Forums

  Have a question about hamara, this is the right place to go to. Any discussion about hamara can be done here. 

Hamara User Forum

4. Hamara Git server

   This is where the source code of Hamara is developed and hosted.

Hamara Git Server

5.Hamara Bugs Tracker

   Here you can report/view/solve bugs related to hamara linux. 

Hamara bugzilla

6. Software Repositories

   The software repositories for Hamara linux are listed here. 

Main repositories

Development repositories

Here is a table of the server configurations for most of our servers

Host name Cores Memory Disk Size Location
in.archive.hamaralinux.org 2 4GB 2.5TB India office
balrama.hamaralinux.org 32 64GB 5TB Noida datacenter
wiki.hamaralinux.org 4 2GB 10GB India office(Blaster)
devel.hamaralinux.org 4 8GB 1TB UK
web.hamaralinux.org 8 4GB 20GB UK (Magnus)
git.hamaralinux.org 1 2GB 120GB UK (Magnus)
git.hamaralinux.org 2 2GB 40GB UK (Optimus)

Hamara Infrastructure Issues

- Listing all issues related to Hamara Infra.

Bugzilla query error

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