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Region & Language

Use alternative keyboard layouts — Add keyboard layouts and switch between them.

Universal access

Keyboard navigation — Use applications and the desktop without a mouse.

Turn on bounce keys — Ignore quickly-repeated key presses of the same key.

Turn on slow keys — Have a delay between a key being pressed and that letter appearing on the screen.

Turn on sticky keys — Type keyboard shortcuts one key at a time rather than having to hold down all of the keys at once.

Use a screen keyboard — Use an on-screen keyboard to enter text by clicking buttons with the mouse.

What is the Menu key? — The Menu key launches a context menu with the keyboard rather than with a right-click.

What is the Super key? — The Super key opens the activities overview. You can usually find it next to the Alt key on your keyboard.

Other topics

Make the keyboard cursor blink — Make the insertion point blink and control how quickly it blinks.

Set keyboard shortcuts— Define or change keyboard shortcuts in Keyboard settings.

Turn off repeated key presses— Make the keyboard not repeat letters when you hold down a key, or change the delay and speed of repeat keys.

Useful keyboard shortcuts— Get around the desktop using the keyboard.

More Information

Hardware & drivers — Hardware problems, printers, power settings, color management, Bluetooth, disks…

User & system settings— Keyboard, mouse, display, languages, user accounts…