Install hamara core armhf on Cubietruck NAND

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Describe Install hamara core armhf on Cubietruck NAND here.

  • Install hamara core armhf on Cubietruck NAND
  • Download hamara_sugam_cubieboard3.img from
  • Download and install !LiveSuit installer from
  • Hamara sugam image is already shipped with preinstall build-essentails and git.
  • Enable ethernet using command ifup eth0
  • Run apt-get update
  • Just run the shell script directly: .!/
  • Flashing an image

​Warning: If you attach your FEL enabled device before you start !LiveSuit, then !LiveSuit will not detect it. You need to first start the !LiveSuit application.

  • First, properly power down the device by either pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds, or by cutting all power in case of development board. Start !LiveSuit so, and select an image for flashing. Then, put your device into FEL mode, and attach the USB OTG cable. !LiveSuit should now detect your device and start flashing.
  • Once NAND flash is 100% complete, disconnect cable and boot Cubietruck.
  • Default User - root and password - sugam
  • Now we are going to resize NAND in order use to entire NAND avaialable space.
 . apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev pkg-config
 git clone make.
 . /nand-part /dev/nand
 . /nand-part -f a20 /dev/nand 32768  'boot 131072'  'rootfs 14778368' reboot resize2fs /dev/nandb Now you can run df -h to check partitions.
  • At this point there is not GUI avaiable for user, Incase you would like to install light weight desktop, following below intructions of installing hamara sugam

Install hamara sugam lightweight graphics on Cubietruck

  • Follow steps to install hamara core armhf on Cubietruck NAND.
  • Make sure internet is working and then run below commands.
  • apt-get install -y --force-yes --no-install-recommends hamara-sugam hamara-sugam-recommended hamara-base-recommended hamara-minimal policykit-1-gnome
  • reboot
  • Now you can login with user name root and password sugam