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Here is the list of all websites related to hamara.

1. Hamara Linux Main website

  This is the home of Hamara Linux 


2. Hamara Blogs

  All the latest buzz around hamara can be read here.

Hamara Blog

3. Hamara Forums

  Have a question about hamara, this is the right place to go to. Any discussion about hamara can be done here. 

Hamara User Forum

4. Hamara Git server

   This is where the source code of Hamara is developed and hosted.

Hamara Git Server

5.Hamara Bugs Tracker

   Here you can report/view/solve bugs related to hamara linux. 

Hamara bugzilla

6. Software Repositories

   The software repositories for Hamara linux are listed here. 

Main repositories

Development repositories

Here is a table of the server configurations for most of our servers

Host name Cores Memory Disk Size Location
in.archive.hamaralinux.org 2 4GB 2.5TB India office
balrama.hamaralinux.org 32 64GB 5TB Noida datacenter
wiki.hamaralinux.org 4 2GB 10GB India office(Blaster)
devel.hamaralinux.org 4 8GB 1TB UK
web.hamaralinux.org 8 4GB 20GB UK (Magnus)
git.hamaralinux.org 1 2GB 120GB UK (Magnus)
git.hamaralinux.org 2 2GB 40GB UK (Optimus)

Hamara Infrastructure Issues

- Listing all issues related to Hamara Infra.

Full Query
ID Component Summary Status
97 wiki Change the UI to match with the Hamara theme design RESOLVED
99 website No data on Teams getting displayed on official site RESOLVED
103 bugzilla Add plugin for managing test cases. RESOLVED
104 bugzilla Enable voting on bugzilla RESOLVED
106 website have quick links about website, a blog, wiki, bug-ticketing etc. with the forum. RESOLVED
107 website Time-zones for Indians RESOLVED
111 website Why Hamara, what are the objectives of tthe distribution not known. RESOLVED
112 bugzilla Can't vote on bugs more than once. RESOLVED
116 wiki Disable anonymous editing RESOLVED
119 Release repo Repo pull script is broken RESOLVED
120 forum Have ability to cross-post between e-mail and forum RESOLVED
121 bugzilla shouldn't bugs have their own mailing list ? RESOLVED
122 bugzilla Have the ability to post a bug about infrastructure without having to choose a component. RESOLVED
124 website Install openproject RESOLVED
125 website install wordpress MU for installation. RESOLVED
126 website the mailing list administration should mention name of a person rather than just admin@hamaralinux.org RESOLVED
127 bugzilla Make IRC a component as well. RESOLVED
129 IRC Use IRC bouncer, meetbot or scrollback.io or something else for having records of chats on hamara IRC RESOLVED
130 bugzilla please change my username to shirish@hamaralinux.org for bugzilla RESOLVED
131 * Full List of Hamara Infra RESOLVED
132 bugzilla Have mail to bugzilla answer possibility. RESOLVED
133 wiki What categories should we put in the wiki ? Have a taxonomy RESOLVED
134 wiki Have mediawiki split into a public instance and private instance needing higher privileges. RESOLVED
135 * have a public ftp directory with time-stamps and everything. RESOLVED
136 * have an internal informal chat tool. RESOLVED
138 IRC hamarabot should prompt when any action happens in the bugzilla. RESOLVED
139 bugzilla bugzilla should show the newest 10 bugs on the homepage RESOLVED
140 * get 403 Forbidden Error Page on blogs.hamaralinux.org RESOLVED
141 * There should be a component called Mail, Mailman or Mailing List in components RESOLVED
142 * lists.hamaralinux.org gives a 403 RESOLVED
143 website What is the motivation behind having hamara-members mailing list ? RESOLVED
146 bugzilla should be able to file a bug in hamara sugam without need for codename in the field. RESOLVED
148 website Better CMS than liferay for website RESOLVED
156 * Enable https for all content on http://blogs.hamaralinux.org/ RESOLVED
157 website https://hamaralinux.org/ pointing to blogs website RESOLVED
158 wordpress add wordpress in the list of components. RESOLVED
159 wordpress Some plugins which might help with wordpress RESOLVED
160 mailman The mailman archives should have buttons for spam and getting moderator attentation RESOLVED
161 website no page or any infrastructure for paid support. RESOLVED
162 website Have https on website, wiki RESOLVED
163 IRC Time-stamp on the logs seem to have a different time zone than India. RESOLVED
164 jenkins Configure ISO build jobs to run QEMU IN_PROGRESS
179 website Unable to connect to devel.hamaralinux.org RESOLVED
184 website Localization of the Hindi and Bengali versions of the website are not complete IN_PROGRESS
185 website Add Marathi as a language on the main web site. IN_PROGRESS
186 website Download Link For Hamara Arm hamara-cubieboard3 nand image RESOLVED
189 bugzilla The reporter is not the subscriber to the bug. RESOLVED
196 bugzilla bugzilla update | test bug RESOLVED
197 wiki Mediawiki should allow images to have multiple sizes RESOLVED
199 bugzilla Using small URL to extrapolate to the standard URL RESOLVED
200 website have a explicitly sha1sum or sha256sum file of all downloads in a single sha1sum file RESOLVED
201 website The download page should link to the release notes RESOLVED
204 wordpress unable to update the wordpress theme - file permissions error. RESOLVED
205 wordpress have wp-spellcheck plugin added to our wordpress installation to check spelling mistakes RESOLVED
206 wordpress Yoast SEO for search-engine optimization and analytics. RESOLVED
207 wordpress social-media auto publish - plugin for our wordpress installation RESOLVED
210 wordpress Let hamaralinux.org/blogs and blogs.hamaralinux.org re-direct to the same content. RESOLVED
212 bugzilla Test bugzilla not working RESOLVED
217 jenkins New build jobs have permissions problems RESOLVED
218 wordpress TED talks embedder in wordpress RESOLVED
230 devel repo some core Packages are not available in devel repo RESOLVED
231 * jenkins build should use locally cached packages to reduce build time. RESOLVED
293 wiki Add bugzilla integration to the wiki RESOLVED
295 * Make live build modular RESOLVED
296 jenkins Require New Hamara Sugam build job RESOLVED
298 jenkins Assign proper hostname for jenkins instance RESOLVED
304 jenkins Use pbuilder for building packages instead of schroot RESOLVED
312 devel repo Setup repository for Hamara (GNOME) svastik in existing devel machine RESOLVED
328 website Same links RESOLVED
332 website Cant click on download links . RESOLVED
336 wiki Migrate existing mediawiki instance to balarama . RESOLVED
337 wiki Update mediawiki to recent LTS release 1.27 RESOLVED
347 website Need to mention hamara-devel mailinglist in website RESOLVED
348 mailman Not sure our mailman is archiving lists RESOLVED
349 website Unnecessary text box ? RESOLVED
354 devel repo Enable backports repo for Hamara sugam namaste RESOLVED
368 mailman Update certificate for lists.hamaralinux.org, certificate has expired. RESOLVED
376 * Automate ISO uploading to in.devel.hamaralinux.org and other domains IN_PROGRESS
377 devel repo Switch upstream from stretch to testing for SVASTIK and SUGAM RESOLVED
378 jenkins Fix issues in Jenkins jobs IN_PROGRESS
379 * Fix Schroots jails issues RESOLVED
380 devel repo Find a way to add appstream generated data in reprepro release file RESOLVED
382 gitlab Setup Gitlab CI for package builds and deployment on git.hamaralinux.org RESOLVED
383 IRC Give op access to some members on hamara IRC channel CONFIRMED
385 mailman Mailman with debian logo CONFIRMED

85 Total; 7 Open (8.24%); 78 Resolved (91.76%); 0 Verified (0%);