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Working hamara sugam with mate desktop environment

  • Issues fixed in this release
Full Query
ID Component Summary Status
166 UI Boot screen RESOLVED
171 INSTALLER Debian header RESOLVED
172 INSTALLER India should be default country during installation RESOLVED
174 INSTALLER Reboot prompt doesn't come up after installation RESOLVED
187 UI Login screen RESOLVED
203 UI Create a plymouth boot splash for hamara sugam RESOLVED
227 INSTALLER Live Installer Build Fails with *.changes does not exist RESOLVED
229 UI Replace LXDE with Mate desktop RESOLVED
233 BRANDING Rebranding debian-installer GUI RESOLVED
235 BRANDING Using mate-desktop-branding repo for rebranding Mate-desktop environment RESOLVED
236 UI Package Paper gtk theme RESOLVED
237 UI Package Paper Icon Set RESOLVED
239 BRANDING Packaging hamara mate wallpapers RESOLVED
240 INSTALLER helper script for debian installer launcher RESOLVED
241 BRANDING Need wallpaper for lightdm as login background RESOLVED
242 BRANDING plymouth-theme-hamara doesn't show hamara brand name RESOLVED
243 OS Imagemagick icon doesn't work in graphics under applications RESOLVED
244 INSTALLER Install Debian Icon RESOLVED
245 OS Network Manager RESOLVED
246 OS Software Manager RESOLVED
247 OS User Manager RESOLVED
248 BRANDING Rebranding debian-install icon in GUI RESOLVED
249 OS Networking service not working after restart RESOLVED
250 OS In live boot, normal user can't run ll command . RESOLVED
251 OS Packages missing RESOLVED
252 OS Printer Package missing RESOLVED
253 UI system font should set to source sans pro regular RESOLVED
254 UI Paper Theme modify RESOLVED
255 OS Disable lockscreen /mate-screensaver in live system RESOLVED
256 INSTALLER While configuring package manager no mirror of hamara RESOLVED
257 INSTALLER Rebranding Package manager in debian installer RESOLVED
258 INSTALLER Help option not working in Debian Installer RESOLVED
260 INSTALLER Reboot button not there after successful installation RESOLVED
262 OS Time and Date settings RESOLVED
263 OS Timezone RESOLVED
265 OS Service settings RESOLVED
266 UI Calendar RESOLVED
268 OS plymouth-set-default-theme of hamara not working RESOLVED
270 BRANDING Debian Installer main menu RESOLVED
271 INSTALLER Partition disk RESOLVED
273 OS Cannot add openvpn via network manager RESOLVED
275 OS search logo icon on control center Filter is not align properly RESOLVED
276 OS bash: ssh: command not found RESOLVED
278 OS Icons missing in file manager RESOLVED

45 Total; 0 Open (0%); 45 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);