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This release notes document for Hamara Sugam 2.0 explains the detailed changes which took place for this release. It lists all the bugs/tasks that we have worked upon for this beta release.

Download Hamara Sugam Beta

ISO's can be downloaded from the official website of Hamara Linux

Detailed changelog

Significant Changes

Moving towards Calamares installer for installation of Hamara Sugam

We realised that Debian installer is a great installer with detailed options for installation of an operating system. At the same time debian installer is sometimes confusing for newbies who are trying to do installations. Many times even for those with some experience. This led us to consider alternate installers. We tried to port the most famous of them all Ubiquity. But after a lot of tries with it we abandoned the effort on Ubiquity,due to many technical reasons. That is when we discovered Calamares. The Distribution independent Installer. And we integrated it with Hamara Sugam.

Calamares is an easy to use installer providing the options suitable for newbies as well as for people who want to do fine grained configurations while installing the operating system on there machine.

Changes to the theme of Hamara Sugam

We migrated to the Materia theme for the Hamara Sugam Desktop. Previously we were using Paper theme. We identified issues in GTK 2 environments when using Paper and found that Materia gave a more fluid and slick Material Design experience. Although our GTK theme has now shifted to Materia, we are still using Paper as our default icon theme. We thanks nana-4 for his efforts on Materia theme & Sam Hewitt for his efforts on Paper theme.

Generic Names for Applications

We decided that Applications should have a generic name, based on there purpose. With this opinion, we renamed a few applications. So MATE terminal becomes just Terminal or MATE color chooser becomes just Color chooser and like wise. All this naming has been done to make sure the application names should be generic wherever possible.

Update to Linux Kernel 4.12

Although our immediate upstream Debian is using the Linux Kernel version 4.9 in the stable build, we would be using the recent linux Kernel version 4.12 instead.

Apart from notable changes listed above the detailed changelog is below for the worked issues.

Full Query
ID Component Summary Status
269 OS Should have mate menu icon for different Indian languages RESOLVED
282 UI Grub2 theme for hamara sugam RESOLVED
300 UI Top Panel Icons need to match font size and weight RESOLVED
301 BRANDING New login screen for hamara sugam RESOLVED
302 BRANDING New plymouth boot splash for hamara sugam RESOLVED
314 UI New wallpapers for hamara sugam RESOLVED
315 INSTALLER Update debian installer to latest upstream release RESOLVED
317 UI Design new pop-up window for Login screen RESOLVED
318 INSTALLER Use latest hamara artwork in debian installer RESOLVED
319 UI New color schemes for hamara sugam RESOLVED
321 OS What to do about the state of uefi and secure boot RESOLVED
322 OTHER update bootloader config of GRUB in live-build RESOLVED
323 BRANDING Should have Hamara brand book based on new design RESOLVED
326 OS No Settings for touchpad RESOLVED
329 UI Update default wallpapers and include new wallpapers in package RESOLVED
331 PACKAGING Package lightdm-webkit-greeter-hamara RESOLVED
333 INSTALLER Debian Installer leaves the sources.list file empty when installation is done offline. RESOLVED
335 PACKAGING Only include one terminal application with sugam RESOLVED
338 OTHER Remove the meta packages and include the pacakges in live-build lists instead. RESOLVED
339 OS Have a nice customized looking terminal prompt RESOLVED
340 OS Booting in Full screens by default in virtual machine softwares RESOLVED
341 INSTALLER Installer does not use hamara base font (source sans pro) RESOLVED
342 INSTALLER Installer does not obey desktop theme RESOLVED
343 INSTALLER Hamara Logo in Installer seems big and does not maintain aspect ratio RESOLVED
344 BRANDING Hamara Logo in syslinux menu does not match 2.0 brand guide RESOLVED
351 UI Change default syslinux resolution to more high resolution RESOLVED
357 UI Make syslinux UI menu similar to GRUB RESOLVED
361 PACKAGING Create hamara-live package for live mode changes RESOLVED
372 PACKAGING Change hamara sugam theme to materia-theme RESOLVED
375 OS Some mate helpers are broken RESOLVED
420 OS The calender once opened, doesn't close when clicked on other icons. RESOLVED

31 Total; 0 Open (0%); 31 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported on Hamara Bugzilla

Contribute in the development of Hamara linux

Get involded in creation of the Hamara Linux project and join hands in creating the operating system for the Indian Diaspora. More details here https://www.hamaralinux.org/contribute/