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Customized debian-installer

MATE desktop-apps

  • Issues fixed in this release
Full Query
ID Component Summary Status
167 INSTALLER Network mirror RESOLVED
182 INSTALLER Debian Installer asks too many questions. RESOLVED
234 UI Theme for hamara based on material design with GTK2 , GTK 3 support RESOLVED
261 OS User Manager RESOLVED
264 OS In source list its showing debian source list there is no hamara RESOLVED
267 OS Use created while installing does now have sudo access RESOLVED
272 INSTALLER Screenshot option RESOLVED
274 OS Calender doesn't close automatically RESOLVED
277 OS Should install any vnc viewer client RESOLVED
279 OS Blank space on the top bar in Package manager RESOLVED
280 OS bash completion should available by default RESOLVED
281 OS Create build for i386 architecture RESOLVED
283 INSTALLER Build debian installer for i386 RESOLVED
284 OS patch dpkg package to use Hamara name instead of Debian RESOLVED
286 OS Keyboard shortcut for applications RESOLVED
287 INSTALLER Aborting Installer doesn't work when launching installer from boot menu RESOLVED
288 OS Make display of grub menu optional RESOLVED
290 OS Hamara Sugam should ship a newer firefox than Firefox ESR RESOLVED
292 OS Replace icdove email client with thunderbird RESOLVED
294 OS Use courier 10 pitch font as default for terminal RESOLVED
299 UI Remove install icon from menu bar RESOLVED
305 INSTALLER Update debian installer kernel to 4.9.0-2 RESOLVED
306 INSTALLER Fix security repo address during installation RESOLVED
307 INSTALLER User not added to SUDO group when launching Installation from live system RESOLVED
308 INSTALLER Set default hostname "hamara" instead of "debian" in installer RESOLVED
309 INSTALLER Skip netcfg part while running installation from live system RESOLVED
310 INSTALLER Skip the use of network mirror while installation. RESOLVED
313 OS Unable to change background image RESOLVED
316 INSTALLER Network installation fails due to GPG key error RESOLVED
320 INSTALLER Increase font size of mr_IN locale in debian installer RESOLVED
327 OS Can't revert to custom theme after picking a different theme. RESOLVED

31 Total; 0 Open (0%); 31 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);