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We are happy to bring you the release of Hamara Sugam 2.0, code named Namaste. This release brings up a plethora of changes to the operating system including a new Installer, a lot of UI enhancements on top of the MATE Desktop, inclusion of a software center to easily install apps and a lot of other changes. The previous beta release was based on Debian Stable/Stretch, with this particular release we decided to switch to Debian Testing/Buster instead. The major/minor things which were worked up on this release are as follows

Download Hamara Sugam 2.0

ISO's can be downloaded from the official website of Hamara Linux

Significant Changes

Move to Debian testing/buster as the base The previous beta release was based on Debian Stable. After some brainstorming with in the Hamara developers/Contributors team, we decided to switch to Debian Testing/Buster as the new base. This move enables us to bring in updated and newer packages to the users. So we all can enjoy packages which are always updated.

Using Calamares installer for installation of Hamara Sugam

Calamares is an easy to use installer providing the options suitable for newbies as well as for people who want to do fine grained configurations while installing the operating system on there machine. Introduced in our previous beta release as a replacement to Debian Installer, the Calamares installer is being used to Install Hamara Sugam. We have enhanced the Installer with custom configurations and UI enhancements. If you have tried installing a lot of distributions earlier, where the timezone was set by default to US. No more with us, the installer has the timezone set default to IST(Indian Standard Time) +5:30. So enjoy easy and fast installation times with the new Installer.

Changes to the theme of Hamara Sugam

We migrated to the Materia theme for the Hamara Sugam Desktop. Previously we were using Paper theme. We identified issues in GTK 2 environments when using Paper and found that Materia gave a more fluid and slick Material Design experience. Although our GTK theme has now shifted to Materia, we are still using Paper as our default icon theme. We thanks nana-4 for his efforts on Materia theme & Sam Hewitt for his efforts on Paper theme. Just to mention, our awesome Hamara Developer Sagar maintains materia-gtk-theme package both in Debian as well as Hamara repositories.

Generic Names for Applications

We decided that Applications should have a generic name, based on there purpose. With this opinion, we renamed a few applications. So MATE terminal becomes just Terminal or MATE color chooser becomes just Color chooser and like wise. All this naming has been done to make sure the application names should be generic wherever possible.

Update to Linux Kernel 4.16

We have upgraded to kernel 4.16 which is in sync with upstream Debian. We would also be pushing the updates to newer kernels with many point releases/updates to follow up shortly after the release.

Detailed changelog

Apart from notable changes listed above the detailed changelog is below for the worked tasks/issues.

Full Query
ID Component Summary Status
345 BRANDING Rename applications to have more generic names RESOLVED
365 OS Include a software center application for the user to install applications via GUI RESOLVED
386 OS Docker containers for Hamara Sugam RESOLVED
387 UI Regression to gnome icon on the start menu RESOLVED
388 UI Installer does not have an Icon RESOLVED
389 INSTALLER Installer is not a trusted application RESOLVED
390 INSTALLER Installer logo is oversized RESOLVED
391 OS Remove GTKHash Application RESOLVED
392 UI Systems tools contains Calamares Menu Item whilst Install Hamara is listed in Others RESOLVED
393 OS Additional Drivers Application does not start RESOLVED
394 OS Remove Bluetooth Adapters menu item RESOLVED
395 OTHER Grub Menu has two "try" options RESOLVED
396 UI Firefox has a font rendering issue RESOLVED
397 UI remove Mate branded wallpapers RESOLVED
399 UI A number of alignment issues exist on the login page RESOLVED
400 OS Grub2 helper broken RESOLVED
403 INSTALLER Improve information slides in Calamares Installer RESOLVED
404 UI Remove Education Menu RESOLVED
406 UI No icon for Laptop Tools Configuration RESOLVED
407 UI lightdm-webkit-greeter-hamara Avatar does not match design RESOLVED
408 UI lightdm does not honour the system cursor theme RESOLVED
410 OS Write a helper for to bring in firefox quantum for Sugam and svastik RESOLVED
411 OS Rename Menu entries on live mode startup RESOLVED
412 INSTALLER Installer is not starting anymore. RESOLVED
413 OS No User panel | Unable to add new user RESOLVED
414 OS Change the default shell to bash from sh RESOLVED
415 PACKAGING Disable building debug packages RESOLVED
416 OS Black screen at lightdm login using webkit theme RESOLVED
417 OS 32 Bit ISO builds are failing. RESOLVED
418 UI Rectangular box flickers in plymouth boot splash RESOLVED
419 BRANDING Add the Welcome app to the ISO RESOLVED
422 INSTALLER Add missing slide to the installer RESOLVED
423 INSTALLER Installation fails at grub-efi installation RESOLVED

33 Total; 0 Open (0%); 33 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Reporting bugs

Communicate with us on our Mailing Lists or other communication mediums. If you find any bus they should be reported on Hamara Bugzilla

Contribute in the development of Hamara linux

Get involved in creation of the Hamara Linux project and join hands in creating the operating system for the Indian Diaspora. More details here https://www.hamaralinux.org/contribute/