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The Bugzilla Home Page Interface

Tabs in Bugzilla

The first thing to do is go to https://bugs.hamaralinux.org/ . The moment you enter the URL you would be presented the following web page


One of the most important things that can be seen is the version number of bugzilla at the top most right. This is important so that people know which version is being used and people take corrective steps if bugs are found in bugzilla and a new hotfixed version is available upstream.

There are 8 tabs on the homepage when you land on the homepage, they are both in the header as well as footer of the bugzila instance for easiest access. Most of these tabs will remain the same while a couple will change. We will go into each page in more detail, just sharing what they mean for now links which will not change/be constant are :-

Home - This is a link to the same page. Any website first page is known as the home page or the landing page. This page is the gateway which at a glance gives an idea of the best features of a site and in case of bugzilla would be constant/static image unless upstream changes it or we introduce some theme to the bugzilla installation as well.

New - This page will either get you to the login page or give you a new page where you can enter the bug.

Browse - This link would let you browse the bugs which are in different product categories that are there in this bugzilla instance.

Search - This link would let you search using different parameters to see if an issue/bug has already been put which you are searching for. Next to the Search tab there is also an Input box where you can put a search term/ keyword and do a simple search using that.

? - This link shares the basics of how to use a bugzilla.

Reports - This link lets you generate different types of report so you can know how good or bad is the project in having bugs and solving them over a period of time. Gives some indication of the health of the project.

Help - This link would send you to the upstream bugzilla documentation .

New Account - This is where a new user need to go if s/he wants to create an account in order to file a a bug s/he has some across or has some feature that s/he wants.

Log In - When a user has made an account and he has the username and password in her/is possession or knows that, then he needs to provide credentials there.

Forgot Password - When a user forgets his/her password, this tab is used.

The other parts on the homepage

If you come below it, you will see ' Welcome to Bugzilla' as can be seen in the screenshot shared.

Just below it are four icons and below them are written File a bug, Search , Open A New Account and Documentation

File A bug - Clicking on either the icon of a paper with a corner folded or clicking on File A bug is the same as clicking on the New tab which is on the uppermost corner.

Search - Clicking on the Magnifying Glass or clicking on the Search link is the same as clicking on the search tab given above.

Open A New Account - Clicking on the icon of a person/avatar image or Open A New Account is the same as clicking on New Account tab above .

Documentation - This link goes to the external upstream documentation source.

Just below it there is again the search bar where you can enter a bug number or enter search terms is given.

There is a reason why these only these four icons and the search bar are also doubled and shared as an Icon and again as a link (same the case with search bar). Over period of years these four links/pages are ones which people felt needed more visibility hence these are the ones which are there.

Apart from that, below we have bugs which have been reported in the last 24 hours which is meant to be clicked, next to it we also have a link to have the same shared or used as an RSS feed if you have a RSS feed-reader. There are standalone feed-readers as well as you have addons which are and can be added to browsers, e-mail clients etc.

Similarly, we have bugs which have changed in the last 24 hours, so that you could look if some bug that you have reported changed in the last 24 hours or not. As before, it also has a RSS feed as shared above.

Below it are all the links which were in the header as well, this is the footer.